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Bucegi Mountains Trips

Bucegi Mountains Trips: for passionate nature lovers

If you’re ever around Romania we invite you to take one of our Bucegi Mountains Trips. You might ask yourself why? Because the Bucegi Natural Park is a protected area since March 2000. It is home of beech forests, alpine limestone grasslands, alpine rivers and herbaceous vegetation. It’s got rocky slopes and seminatural dry grasslands. You’ll find yourself in the middle of nature, breathing the fresh air. Feeling the wind on your cheeks. Admiring what this world has put in front of our eyes for us to explore.

More about Bucegi Mountain Trips

Bucegi Mountains TripsYou’ll explore a protected area. You will have an English speaking professional mountain guide. You might need to take some food with you as well because we can stop to have a short picnic. Also, bare in mind that taking water with us is mandatory. Water keeps us hydrated and keep us going. Another aspect to keep in mind is that any of the Bucegi Mountain Trips will last between 6 an 7 hours. Ideally, an average physical condition is preferable. Those trips are not suitable for first timers on the mountain. They can be suitable for children but only if the kids are already used to the physical effort and also if they have hiked before.

Still not convinced? Ask the community

We have built a community of people around Tripadvisor that have chosen our Bucegi Mointain Trips. You can have a look at our activity found under “Day Trips Brasov” and see what others have to say. The paths are mostly wide, with no exposure to any dangerous cliffs. However, the elevation level is approximately 1400 m. You will need hiking boots and clothes suitable fo the outside weather. Also, having a pair of hiking sticks is never a bad idea. A back pack and a rain coat are also ideas worth mentioning. Because the weather on the mountain can change rapidly, the Bucegi Mountain Trips are designed for being experienced during a good weather. If the weather is severely poor, you will get offered a different dat or a full refund. By severely poor we don’t mean rain. If it’s raining, we can still go and experience the trip itself. However, if we are talking about severe storms and other alike, we won’t be able to go on that particular day.

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